Friday, March 15, 2013

Rants & Randomness

The cool thing about a blog is that you can express your personal opinions and feelings without shame. It's my blog and my thoughts. What's awesome is that I can disagree with others and STILL be friendly with them. We don't have to agree to be buds...therefore, I mean no disrespect to anyone when I share my views on certain subjects. Okay, well here we go!

Infants Drinking Soda:

I just CRINGE when I see a tiny baby/toddler sucking down a Route 44 Sonic drink filled with Dr. Pepper. My word. I mean really...My kid is 4 years old and has NEVER had a sip of any carbonated beverage. I guess I'm just weird, but high fructose corn syrup and caffeine never did anybody any good. My waistline will tell ya that. You have your whole life to pickle your kidneys, why do it during childhood?


I am terrified of wasps. I literally have heart attacks when I see one. Spiders don't bug me. Roaches are gross, but I can handle them. Beetles, honey bees, and dirt daubers are my friends. When we moved to the country, we inherited a HUGE red wasp problem. We've gone through a case of Raid, hired an exterminator last Fall, and just had another team of wasp killers come out today. I've spent buckoo bucks on these terrorists. I just HATE them.

Able-Bodied People on Motorized Carts:

I understand that disabled people need motorized carts. But if you can walk, WALK for pity's sake. I was clobbered by 2 motorized scooters today in the store and the people driving them were young and non-disabled.

Infants with Earrings:

Now, I have a lot of sweet friends with precious baby girls sporting earrings, so I mean absolutely no disrespect when I say piercing my baby's ears is not my cup of tea. To me, getting pierced ears is a right of passage. When I turned 13, my mom took me to Claire's and my ears were pierced. It was a very cool experience and I felt like I was becoming a true young lady. She allowed me to pick out my first set of pink rhinestone stud earrings. It was a endearing memory I shall never forget. I know that the baby doesn't remember the pain of having holes drilled into their lobes, but I think it is unnecessary at such a young age. Again, just my humble opinion and to each his own.

Working Mom Martyrs:

Some moms work outside the home and some moms work inside the home. I have done both. It is SO hard being a mom who works outside the home. It is also draining to be a mom working inside the home. Neither job is easy and everyone does it for their own family's sake and personal financial needs. At times, I hear people making snide remarks like, "must be nice to stay in your PJ's all day," or "poor me, I wish I HAD a sugar daddy like you." If people only KNEW how many things we sacrifice so I can stay home, it would blow their minds. We save over $300-$400 a month by doing "without" things that are in essence, unnecessary. Yep, I know that it takes 2 full-time workers these days to support a family, and if you gotta work, you gotta work. My mom worked when I was a baby because it was absolutely necessary. So, whatever you do, be proud and pleased that the Lord has permitted you to be a mom, working at the house or outside the house.

Screaming Babies At Reverent Gatherings:

What is it about people that allow their tiny children to scream/talk/holler/whine incessantly in church or at someone's wedding or at a funeral? I know babies make the occasional babble or cry, but when the child continues to get louder and louder...good heavens. What makes them think that it's okay to distract others who are trying to hear the Word of God or listen to vows or honor the deceased? Churches have nurseries. If you don't want to take your child to the nursery, why not? Do you not trust the nursery workers? If that's the case, stand in the foyer with the screaming child. I know nurseries are not usually provided at funerals, but a trend these days is to hire someone to watch kids during a wedding.

Mommas, just do SOMETHING besides distract everyone around you who is really trying to focus on what the preacher is saying. PEOPLE'S SOULS ARE AT STAKE. It is just RUDE to sit there and not discreetly take the baby out. We are here to praise God and hear His word, not your adorable, precious kid. We are here to witness two people who have planned a beautiful occasion for MONTHS dedicate their lives to each other. We are here to say goodbye to a dear friend. It just blows my mind.

On that note, over and out. Sometimes you gotta get it off your chest. And, if I touched a nerve, my apologies...I still love ya and I will still buy you a cup of coffee. We can all agree to disagree.

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Tessa said...

We are also non-soda drinkers...and no earrings for babies here either :)