Friday, May 26, 2017

Summer 2017 Kick-Off

Well, here we are. The first OFFICIAL day of Summer 2017.

My 8 year old is at the day lily farm with my mom.

My 4 year old is sitting next to me playing educational games on her tablet.

My 48 year old is at the office "working."

And myself? I am piddling, "working," chasing rabbits, and trying to recuperate from my first official year as a non-teacher.

Yep, after 18 years, I threw in the towel and "semi-retired" last August. It's been the most amazing school year ever and I am so thankful that I made the decision to step away from the white board and breathe.

I love my profession and still do. It's about peace and the lack thereof. My profession has changed dramatically and I wasn't mentally prepared to change with it. In the future, I may be ready to return to the gradebooks, assemblies, ARD meetings, and paperwork; but for the present, I am content.

No matter who you are, find that contentment and peace in whatever stage of life you are experiencing. With the Lord, that's not too difficult, so lean into Him and chase those rabbits... or in my case, chickens.

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